Speech Pathology Services

If you are having difficulty understanding or being understood at home, work, or with friends, call me at Speech Pathology Services.

I have been helping restore speech, language and voice in adults and teens for more than 50 years, and I can help you.

Call me at (512) 240-4534 or drop me an email at mckeespeechpath@gmail.com.


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About Us

Speech Pathology Services is a solo private practice in Georgetown, Texas devoted to helping adolescents and adults develop and restore their communication skills. 


Our mission is to empower our clients in all things speech. Speaking and understanding speech is a vital part of your feeling of wholeness within yourself, your family, friends and colleagues, and community.


Our vision is to bring families and communities together through a common understanding of speech.

Why Choose Speech Pathology Services?

At Speech Pathology Services you will find an ASHA certified, skilled, experienced Speech-Language Pathologist who who is devoted to helping clients just like you improve their speech, language, voice and fluency skills.


Are you ready to improve your speech?

We are available and ready to help you on your journey to clear speech!