Struggling with stuttering?

As a SpeechEasy provider for more than 23 years, I have repeatedly seen and heard the gift of
fluency this device provides to people who stutter. 

SpeechEasy is a tiny device the size of a hearing aid, that has been shown to decrease
stuttering and enhance fluency in many people who stutter. I have also found that
wearing the device often decreases secondary characteristics of stuttering, such as
facial contortions, hand and eye movements.

You may have questions about how and why SpeechEasy works. I am available and eager to
talk with you about any aspect of this effective fluency device and program.

You can experience the freedom of fluency SpeechEasy provides by calling to make an
appointment for a SpeechEasy evaluation. You will not only be reimbursed for the evaluation
fee, but you can also try this amazing device free for 60 days!

Go to to
download the 0% payment plan. This offer, along with your reimbursable evaluation, 60-day
free trial, and free practice book demonstrate our commitment to your fluent speech.