Articulation Disorders

Articulation Disorders

“Articulation” refers to the way we pronounce words. Our conversation can be difficult to understand if we say “thoup” for soup, “wabbit” for rabbit, or make other sound errors.  While we usually just think of children having articulation disorders, adolescents’ and adults’ can develop articulation errors for physical causes.  

∙         Hearing loss

∙         Cleft palate

∙         Dental issues

∙         Enlarged tonsils

∙         Weakened tongue muscles

Older adults can acquire articulation disorders from neurological conditions:

∙        Stroke

∙        Parkinson’s

∙        Brain injury

∙        Dysarthria

∙        Trauma

If you or someone you know continues to have or has developed an articulation disorder, call my office to schedule an appointment for a speech evaluation.  Therapy sessions are effective and efficient, and materials are provided for supplemental home practice.