We all have times when we do not speak smoothly. We sometimes say “uh” or “you know” when talking, and we repeat a sound or word more than once. These are normal disfluencies, or speech that doesn’t always flow easily.

People who stutter have more frequent and different types of disfluencies.  Stuttering speech can sound like repeated or drawn-out words or struggling with no sound at all. 

Do you want to speak more fluently?   

If you stutter, you know that the problem is more than just what others are hearing.  Stuttering is the frustration you feel from tension in your chest and throat, difficulty breathing and speaking, and seeing the expressions on listeners’ faces during that struggle.

You may try to hide your stuttering by substituting easier words, avoiding certain words, your phone, or speaking in public or large groups.   There are days when you are fluent, and days when you stutter more. Your fluency might be affected by stress or excitement.  

Treatment For Adolescents and Adults Who Stutter

Treatment for adolescents and adults focuses on increasing normal fluency.  Practicing normal speech strategies reduces your tension, fear, and anxiety when speaking to anyone anywhere.   

With my 50 years of experience in empowering people to manage their stuttering, I can help you begin to enjoy speaking more freely in school, at work, on the phone, and wherever you enjoy talking with others.