About Us

I am Sally McKee, MA, CCC, an ASHA certified, skilled, experienced Speech-Language Pathologist who has helped clients just like you improve their speech ,language, voice, and fluency skills for more than 47 years.

After practicing as a Speech-Language Pathologist in Houston and College Station, I relocated to Georgetown, TX in 2023 to focus on the communication needs of adolescents and adults.

My areas of clinical expertise include diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of physical and neurological conditions of speech, language, stuttering, voice, and tongue thrusting. I also help people who want to improve their English as a second language skills.

Each client receives an initial, thorough evaluation to determine if therapy sessions are needed.  A free consultation is scheduled to review the results and discuss recommendations. Therapy services are effective and efficient, and provided in individual sessions to address and meet personalized goals.

I am available to answer and discuss questions about your specific concerns and my professional services. I am a provider for Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Texas Workforce Commission, and SpeechEasy® Fluency Device.

To learn more about improving your or your family member’s communication concerns, call me for a free telephone consultation.

Are you ready to improve your speech?

We are available and ready to help you on your journey to clear speech!